Independent Living vs. Assisted Living: How Are They Different?

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For anyone who’s ready to make the transition to a senior living community, there are plenty of options.  At American Senior Communities, we offer a whole range of care options, including Independent Living and Wellness, Assisted Living, Rehabilitation, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing.  Today, we’d like to discuss two of those options: Independent Living and Assisted Living. For both options, it is our goal and mission to encourage not only social engagement opportunities, but to offer opportunities to improve and encourage physical and mental well-being for all of our residents. We realize that for those who are new to the world of senior communities, these terms can be confusing, so we’re taking the opportunity to clear things up.

Independent Living

Many people who enter a senior community do so not because of an immediate need for assistance with their daily activities, but because they want to improve their quality of life in some way, whether that be physically or socially. For people who fit this description, senior Independent Living can allow them to retain more of their independence as they transition into the next stage of their lives. At American Senior Communities, we offer both Garden Homes and Independent Living Apartments which provide the freedom of a space that you can really make your own while also providing convenient amenities like complimentary transportation, kitchenettes or full kitchens, beauty/barber shop, wellness and fitness programs, pet-friendly options and more (plus quick access to medical care when necessary).

Assisted Living

For people who need help performing the activities of daily living, our Assisted Living options can be the perfect way to ensure they stay safe and healthy. From Assisted Living Apartments to Memory Care Apartments to Personal Care Apartments, each option offers varying levels of care and support for specific conditions like dementia.  With these living options, you’ll have access to nutritious meals in our dining room, help with daily activities, plus social and family engagement to foster a sense of community. With Assisted Living in Indiana, you’ll have the opportunity to make your own space and be part of a larger community provided with care to ensure health and safety.

At American Senior Communities, we know that transitioning to living in a senior community isn’t always easy; that’s why all our living options are focused on providing the level of support you need without being intrusive.  Whether Independent Living or Assisted Living, our unique approach to listening to our residents, gaining insight to their wishes and desires and paring that with our many different living and care options, we commit to partner with them in finding and providing the best solutions to meet their expectations. If you’re able to prepare your own meals, we want you to have that option.  If you’re willing and able to take care of important tasks like cleaning and maintenance, we encourage you to do so. But most importantly, if you need help with those tasks, we want to be right there to provide the assistance you need. Whether you’re in an Independent Living Apartment, Assisted Living Apartment, or any of our other options, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing you’re getting the attention you require while still maintaining your independence.

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