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Individualized Approach in Assisted Living

Assisted Living | December 28, 2018

Woman and nurse reading outsideAt American Senior Communities, Assisted Living is a way of life that ensures you every opportunity to make the most of everyday. We focus on your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being through person centered care. Through our years of growth and change to become leaders in Senior Living, we have stayed true to our commitment to our residents. We provide opportunities that enable residents to do more than simply count the years, but instead to make their years count-through purposeful living and continued personal growth. Here are some of the various types of care we offer that allow our residents and their families to have more control over their treatment programs and lifestyle options.

Assisted Living

We understand it’s important to you to maintain your independence as you take your next big step into a senior living community. That’s why we designed our communities to offer you the freedom to create the ideal environment with just the right services and amenities to suit your unique style and needs. Our clinicians utilize technology coupled with proactive methods, so our residents can live their most healthy and active lives. We offer an extensive array of preventative and personalized care options tailored to help you live your life to the fullest.

Despite preventative measures, health issues or injuries may arise during your residency. If so, we offer convenient options for physical, occupational and speech therapies in the comfort of your own apartment. We understand that illness or injury is stressful, as is being displaced from one’s home to a clinical environment. Our services reduce the time, stress and anxiety of being away from the comforts of home, thereby fostering a greater sense of well-being that can be conducive to a quicker recovery. Our goal is to get you back to living your life, your way.

Memory Care Apartments

For us, it’s personal. Even though we rely on consistent protocols and environmental factors to address some common experiences among those with dementia, Memory Care Apartment living at American Senior Communities is highly personal – founded on what is widely referred to as “Person-Centered Care.” Through an initial discovery process involving care staff, the resident and his or her family, we learn unique and specific details about the resident’s younger life, career, relationships, defining moments, hobbies, interests and values. This intimate knowledge helps us adapt activities and responses that can reduce anxiety, improve emotional well-being and enrich living.

Each resident has his or her unique life story, which continues to unfold. Through a continuous, shared journey of discovery, we help each resident create new chapters of personal satisfaction and success each day by incorporating scientifically sound, association-endorsed best practices in ways that are innovative, proactive, inclusive and individualized.

At American Senior Communities, wellness-based, person-centered care more accurately describes what we do. We honor each resident by focusing on his or her strengths. Each day brings new opportunities to live meaningfully and take pride in what can be experienced and accomplished. The individualized approach is about more than just providing care, it’s about actively listening to our residents.

If you or a loved one is in need of senior care, please visit today to find out more about all our personalized care options!

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