Integrated Care Network

Integrated network support

American Senior Communities proudly offers an Integrated Care Network specifically designed to assist you with navigating all the complexities of post-acute care. This network is a model that allows our caregivers across the continuum to work in collaboration, ensuring that our patients get the proper care at the right place and right time, to achieve the best outcomes possible. 


Care Coordination Center  

  • We have team members standing by to assist with referral intake, make benefit determinations and serve as a repository for each patient’s clinical data. 

Clinical Nurse Liaisons 

  • Our trained professionals work in conjunction with hospital discharge planners regarding your ongoing recovery needs and to coordinate your transition into one of our communities.  

Managed Care 

  • We have a team of Managed Care Specialists that will assist with insurance pre-authorization.   

Integrated Care Manager 

Our Integrated Care Managers are Registered Nurses with years of experience in care coordination They have expertise in understanding your insurance intricacies as well as your clinical care needs. Their valuable role includes:   

  • Collaborating with the ASC care team to assure a safe transition home 
  • Coordinating communication between medical providers and service providers you may need 
  • Acting as a liaison between the resident and insurance companies  
  • Facilitating community resources and home care needs following discharge  

After dischargeadditional benefits will include integrated care coordination between ASC and any Medical provider 

Integrated Care Managers 

  • Post SNF home coordination
  • Specialty payer contact 

Discharge Medical Providers 

  • 30-day postSNF home medical providers (as needed) 
  • Home or virtual visits, labs, and medication orders 

Prior to discharge you may opt-in our Post SNF Physician Discharge Program.   medical provider will come to your home, providing you with the greatest peace of mind. For example, while you choose to have this program in place, you will no longer need to arrange transportation for your visits to your Primary Care Physician and getting in and out of your car will not be a worry. Your medication records will be integrated so you will no longer need to take all your medications into your doctor to review. 

At American Senior Communities, we have a long tradition of collaborative success with hospitals, physicians and managed care partners. Alignment in our mission allows us to transform and revolutionize person-centered care. We take a strategic approach that has the end goal of creating better outcomes for the individuals we serve. Our commitment  is to help patients get back home as quickly and safely as possible, and we are dedicated throughout our organization to achieve successful health outcomes.  

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