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A recent study conducted by the AARP found that 80 percent of baby boomers will work beyond the standard retirement age of 65. It’s common for companies nowadays to encourage their employees to stay working longer, too.

As they reach retirement age, it doesn’t necessarily mean that seniors are planning on leaving the workforce altogether. Some seniors do decide to stay in their current positions, while others will use retirement as an option to switch careers or pursue a dream. Retirees will also continue working as a way to stay engaged in society or to support the kind of lifestyle they wish to lead.

Seniors offer a wealth of knowledge to the workforce, so many of them may decide to stay employed to add their valuable skills to their current companies. However, some seniors do retire, and perhaps several months or even a few years later, decide they’d like to head back to work.

Job searching can be somewhat intimidating for those who haven’t applied for a new position in many years, but there are many resources seniors can use to find that perfect job. Websites like and list available opportunities in any geographical region. Plus, there are other online resources aimed specifically at seniors, like and Senior Job Bank.

The Best Jobs for Seniors

So, maybe you’d like to get back into the workforce, but aren’t sure what type of senior employment would best fit your needs. There are a lot of different types of jobs for seniors out there, though! Think about your specific skill set or maybe about the thing you’ve always wanted to do, but never previously had time to pursue. You should also take into consideration how much money you’d like or need to make for being employed once again to be worthwhile.

Some of the recommended jobs for seniors include:

  • Accounting Services: Many companies, especially smaller businesses or self-employed individuals, are looking for seniors who have experience with accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation services.
  • Writing/Blogging: If you’ve got a bit of creative writing ability, starting a blog about your life experiences or giving helpful advice from your particular skillset can actually be a bit of a money maker! True, the majority of bloggers make less than $100 a month from their site, but if you know how to promote your blog and use Google AdSense to pull in some extra money from ads, it could be a fun side job to dabble in.
  • Retail: Jobs in retail stores generally don’t require any formal education, and offer a great way to be out and among people. Plus, you might even get a store discount!
  • Teaching Aide: If you enjoy being around children, consider helping out at a local elementary school. Teaching aides help grade papers or supervise recess and field trips, or even tutor individual students. You’ll most likely need a college degree and some on-the-job training for this type of position, but working with kids can be very rewarding!
  • Healthcare/Caregiving: Because so many baby boomers are approaching retirement age, the need for more healthcare professionals and caregivers will be on the rise. Office jobs like medical assistants and coding clerks require little training and can be a perfect part time senior employment opportunity. You could also consider becoming a home caregiver for someone who is aging in place in their home, but needs some help with daily tasks. American Senior Communities strongly believes in hiring older staff members at many of our communities. We recognize the many positive attributes these workers bring, and we recruit and attract those mature individuals.

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