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LifeShare: What is LifeShare and How Can it Keep Loved Ones Connected?

Assisted Living, Caregiving, Independent Living Communities | April 25, 2019

Family communicating through LifeCareWith the advancements of social media and mobile technology, some seniors may find it difficult to stay connected to their family and friends online. With social media being one of the top platforms to share photos of special moments like weddings, graduations, family gatherings and more, we wanted to provide a source for our residents to stay connected easily.  At American Senior Communities, we’ve made an investment in our residents’ happiness by partnering with LifeShare, an innovative technology that’s changing the way they communicate with the people in their lives. Here’s more about LifeShare and how our residents are using it:

What is LifeShare?

LifeShare is a box that connects directly to your existing TV and connects to the internet to retrieve information that can then be displayed on the screen. LifeShare users can send and receive messages, view a slideshow of pictures shared to their account, play a variety of fun and challenging games, read the news , play music and listen to  faith-based programs representing various religions. The LifeShare box is easy to install and the app is easy for anyone to use.

How Does LifeShare keep Loved Ones Connected?

LifeShare’s easy to use smart phone app allows for friends and families to communicate on their phone and/or tablet through their loved one’s television. This mobile device app allows messages and pictures to be sent so even the smallest of moments do not go unnoticed. American Senior Communities team members can help you setup your account . LifeShare can even integrate with Facebook so you won’t miss a single post! And if you have pictures or messages you’d like to send them, you can do so right on your TV; there’s no need to get a smartphone, computer or mobile device. In addition, American Senior Communities will display announcements such as daily activities, menus, upcoming events, daily history facts and so much more.

At American Senior Communities, we’re dedicated to ensuring our residents get every opportunity to keep in touch with their loved ones. That’s why we’re so excited about our partnership with LifeShare. LifeShare makes it simple for seniors by displaying pictures, messages, games and more right on the TVs they already own. You and your family members will love sharing pictures and messages with LifeShare. To learn more, ask a Thrive Lifestyle Coordinator in an ASC Senior Living community near you.

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