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With Live Guided Virtual Tours, American Senior Communities (ASC) offers the next evolution in our commitment to providing customers with quality service that fits their specific needs.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to our sense of “normal”, it has also allowed us to find new ways to connect and communicate with one another. By using ASC’s original virtual tour feature, individuals and their families may visit our communities from the comfort of their homes. This virtual tour provides many conveniences and can be easily accessed directly from our website.

With the enhancement of Live Guided Virtual Tours, our customers can now experience a community while engaging in a virtual, face-to-face meeting and live conversation with a knowledgeable ASC representative. While viewers can still move through the community at their own pace, taking a live guided virtual tour allows one to experience the community more richly. Our representative can bring focus to the conversation, answering questions and helping potential customers and their families envision life in our community.

Through integrated video conferencing, this live guided tour can bring families, separated by miles, together for this important dialogue. Multiple invitees can access the tour remotely and join the conversation to view specific areas of interest, ask questions and help make informed decisions regarding the best next steps for a loved one.

“These live guided tours give us an opportunity to walk with our customer virtually, through our community,” said Estella Vandeventer, ASC’s Sales Training Manager. “This allows us to create a customized experience, unique to each customer and their journey.”

Scheduling a Live Guided Virtual Tour is easy! Call your desired ASC community to speak with their Director of Marketing and make your appointment. They will be available to assist as needed.

Once scheduled and ready to begin, you’ll need to make sure your internet browser has access to your microphone and camera. You might see a pop-up request asking for permission to use your camera and microphone. Please allow these permissions. Enabling these features will ensure that you have the best virtual tour experience. Once you’re ready, you’ll click on “Join Session” to begin your virtual journey. The Director of Marketing will be able to answer any questions and explain the process more in-depth prior to the tour.

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