September is Healthy Aging® Month 2015

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Healthy aging is a concept that isn’t brand new, but has definitely been growing in popularity over the past few decades. More and more today, older adults are finding ways to stay active, healthy and happy in their later years. The older generations are constantly looking for ways to improve their overall quality of life. started their campaign September is Healthy Aging® Month in 1992 to promote their healthy aging efforts through a national observance. National and local events and educational efforts are planned across the country to draw attention to healthy, active lifestyles at any age and focus on the positive aspects of growing older. Their goal is to change aging adults’ mindsets from concentrating on what they cannot do to what they can do.

10 Healthy Aging Tips for Everyone

As we get ready for the changing of the season from summer to fall, September brings the perfect opportunity to create new goals and evaluate your current health status. Stop fixating on the negative things, like being afraid to go on a walk for fear of falling and instead think about where you’d like to be health-wise. There are so many things you can be taking part in to improve your physical, mental and emotional health, especially when you stop worrying about the limitations you may face.

Here are 10 healthy aging tips to help you take charge of your health this September:

  • Start moving. Physical activity is good not only for your body, but also for your mind and soul. Set workout goals and start off slowly, and reward yourself when you meet those goals.
  • Change your diet. A healthy diet helps you maintain the proper weight and will also enhance your emotional and cognitive health. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible, adding more fresh fruits, veggies, lean proteins and whole grains into your meals.
  • Take a walk. Fall offers some of the most perfect weather to enjoy a nice long walk outside! Grab a jacket or sweater and take a nice stroll through the park. Walking is one of the best workouts for seniors, and you don’t need a gym membership or any equipment (besides a good pair of shoes) to do it!
  • Get a physical. Use September as a month to get your annual checkup at the doctor’s office as well as any other health screenings you may need. Knowing your current health status will help you see where you need to make improvements.
  • Learn something new. Get your brain engaged and stimulated by taking a class at the local community college or senior center. Try out a new hobby or join a book club. Keeping your brain challenged helps decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline.
  • Think happy thoughts. Stay positive! If you find yourself complaining often, change the topic. Surround yourself with people who have a positive outlook on life, while distancing yourself from those who always seem down.
  • Improve your posture. The simple act of standing up straight helps you look and feel younger! Walking with your shoulders back and your chin up, while holding your stomach in, helps ward off back pain and will make you feel slimmer, taller and more confident.
  • Create a safe home environment. Assess your home for safety issues like throw rugs or electrical cords that could cause a debilitating fall. Make sure the rooms all have plenty of light, especially night lights for those late night trips to the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Get organized. Keep a calendar or notebook going to keep track of doctor’s appointments, medications, etc. Write down your goals for physical activity and mark all the days you’ve achieved or surpassed those goals to help you stay motivated.
  • Stay socially involved. If you start to feel isolated or depressed, reach out to others. Volunteer, start a part time job, or meet friends for lunch once a week.

How do you plan to celebrate Healthy Aging® Month this September?

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