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Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or another medical situation, you need sufficient time to rest, recuperate and rehabilitate. Moving Forward Rehabilitation is here to provide the expert person-centered care you need. From therapy and medically integrated programs to our holistic wellness services, we tailor a care plan to improve the strength, independence and quality of life for each person we serve.

No matter what your age or health level, our clinicians are skillfully trained and committed to your success. They take the time to get to know and understand what motivates you. Based on proven methodologies, you can count on our clinical team to provide the latest treatments, with respect and compassion. Your health and happiness are always our priority.

Physical Therapy focuses primarily on independent mobility, regaining strength and balance, using proper body mechanics and energy saving techniques to better perform mobility tasks.

Occupational Therapy promotes independence with daily living activities like bathing, eating, dressing, self-care and home management tasks. Participants gain strength and coordination while learning to conserve their energy.

The goal of Speech/Language Therapy is to increase functional communication, cognitive skills, and teach safe swallowing by introducing diet modifications and special feeding techniques. Therapy may include muscle retraining, compensatory strategies, and use of communication devices.

Our exclusive Road to Recovery program provides the opportunity for our interdisciplinary team, the patient, and their family to meet within the first 72 hours after admission to map out their recovery by identifying goals and treatment plans. We monitor our senior rehabilitation outcomes and use the data to consistently improve our services. In-home assessments are performed by the therapy team prior to discharge to ensure a safe transition back to home.

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