Stay Social! Dating Tips for Seniors

Preventing falls in the elderly by leading a safe, active lifestyle

You may think that because you have entered your golden years, your social life needs to slow down- or maybe even that it’s over in general.  But staying social is so important for seniors; being with your peers helps improve your mood and even your physical health!

Not only should you stay social and active with your friends, but it’s also never too late to find love.  Dating over the age of 50 should not be considered a scary or negative thing. Maybe life didn’t go the way you originally had hoped, and divorce or widowhood threw a wrench in your plans.

As a senior, you actually have some benefits going for you as far as looking for a romantic partner.  Think about it: you’re more mature and more skilled at reading people. You know what kinds of qualities you are looking for in a person, qualities like compassion and kindness that enrich relationships. Picking a partner is more about knowing that the person will complement your goals and ambitions, and knowing that while your new relationship can be wonderful, there will always be issues to work through. You no longer have lofty, unrealistic goals and are looking for a true partner in life.

If you find yourself itching to meet someone new, here are some dating tips for seniors looking to get back out there.

Senior Dating Advice

  1. Change it up! Don’t get stuck in a social rut.  If you’ve been living on your own for a while, it’s easy to get used to a static daily routine.  But sometimes that routine can limit the possibilities of meeting new people. Join a book club or gardening group, or sign up for a class at a senior education center. You’ll find it easy to meet new people who share your interests.
  2. Get online. The internet is a wondrous tool, and there are plenty of senior dating sites you can try out. Don’t be embarrassed to set up a profile and put yourself out there; remember, everyone else on these sites are also looking for love or companionship. They wouldn’t be on the site if they weren’t! However, use caution when meeting someone in person for the first time. Go to a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant, and while you should stay open and friendly, don’t automatically trust everyone you meet.  Use your judgment and be honest about what you’re looking for in a relationship.
  3. Think fresh. See each of your dates as a fresh start. Remember that while sharing experiences is good, don’t dwell too much on your past. A first date is not the time to discuss all the painful moments in your life, it’s the time to focus on enjoying your date’s company in the present. Also, try not to compare your date to your past relationships; remember, you are starting over and finding new things to love about a different, unique person.
  4. Have fun! Starting over can be an intimidating experience, but remember to relax and just have fun. Some of the most attractive qualities of a person can be the ability to laugh and be spontaneous and fun.  See dating as an opportunity to grow new friendships and expand your social life, even if you don’t find a partner right away.

Use these dating tips for seniors as a way to stay happy and healthy, both mentally and emotionally.  And don’t forget: don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

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