The Holiday Gift Guide for Loved Ones in Senior Living – UPDATED  

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Buying gifts for loved ones in Senior Living can be challenging. After all, these loved ones have already downsized their homes and let go of many of the items they accumulated over their lifetimes. However, we still want to do something nice for our loved ones, especially around the holidays to let them know we care. 


Buying the Perfect Gifts for Seniors  

When thinking about gift ideas for the elderly, you need to consider a couple things. First, they won’t have a great deal of storage space, so large, bulky or heavy items aren’t the best option. Secondly, while you want to purchase something you know they’ll love, you also want to keep their specific health needs in mind.  

Here’s a list of a few senior gift ideas your aging loved one is sure to enjoy: 

Practical items. Of course, these types of gifts may not be the most exciting to you. However, to your loved one who isn’t able to go out and purchase them regularly on their own, practical items like tissues, toothpaste, and other toiletries, stamps, stationary, pencils and more are usually very welcome. You can create a nice gift basket out of their favorite practical items to make it look a little fancier.  

Magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Everyone looks forward to getting mail, and if your loved one enjoys reading then a subscription to a favorite magazine or newspaper is a great gift idea. Consider a subscription to a newspaper from their hometown so they can stay up to date on all the latest news. 

Technology. Seniors today are more technology-savvy than ever before, and many are ready to embrace some items that are not only fun, but can make life easier for them. Tablets and iPads can be pre-loaded with their favorite games, apps, music and books, for instance, and after a quick tutorial they should feel comfortable using them in no time. Or, a cell phone can help keep them connected and safe, as they can keep it on their person at all times.  

Homemade crafts or bakery. Gather the kids for a craft-making session to create a one-of-a-kind gift for your aging loved one. Seniors love getting unique gifts specially-made for them by the grandkids! Or, consider baking their favorite treat from the past and putting together a gift basket with some hot cocoa, tea or coffee so they can enjoy a special snack.  

Small mementos or decorations. Items to decorate your loved one’s living space and make it more personal are also a good gift idea for seniors. However, keep them on the smaller side to avoid totally cluttering up all the open surfaces in the room. For example, some framed photos, colorful throw pillows, decorative tissue holders, etc.  

Things to keep them cozy. Snuggly sweaters and blankets or fluffy robes and slippers help your loved one stay cozy and warm in the assisted living community. These types of items will be appreciated, especially during the chilly winter months.  

Or, simply giving your loved one your time can be the best gift of all, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. Set a regular schedule to visit for some quality time and engage your loved one in conversation. Or offer to take him or her out to a restaurant or to visit other friends.  


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