The “Why” of ASC Employees

Happy New Year! Many of us are setting New Year goals, looking at ways to lose weight, save more money, learn some new talent or in general, find ways to improve who we are!

When was the last time you looked at your career goals and dreams?  Are you truly doing something you love?  We spend much more of our awake time at our job as compared to everywhere else. So why not take this time at the start of a new year to do a career checkup?  And ask yourself some career check-in questions:

  • Each day when you travel to your job, are you looking forward to the things you will do?
  • Do you feel appreciated by your supervisor? By your customers?  Do you feel loved at work?
  • Does your job give you a sense of satisfaction? Do you feel like you are giving back to others or helping people?
  • Does your job give you the chance to grow and learn new skills?
  • As the New Year kicks off, do you know “WHY” you go to work each day?

My WHY is all about taking care of people. In my role with American Senior Communities, I have the honor and privilege of caring for over 9,000 employees. Making sure they have what they need to take care of themselves and their loved ones by way of great benefits, competitive pay and career growth opportunities through training and development.  And when our employees have what they need to be successful and feel cared for, then they can fulfill their personal “WHY” each day in their career.

I make it a habit to always ask our employees WHY they do what they do.  Why did they choose Long Term Care and Senior living? The majority say it is to love and care for others, in particular aging seniors in communities across Indiana. Their WHY is to love and care for others too!

What is your WHY?  Are you looking for a new career path that rewards you in a different way from where you are today?  If you are not sure how to answer that question, I invite you to hear more about this from someone who found her WHY several years ago.  Check out the link below.   I am privileged to be Katrina’s Chief HR Officer, but even more honored that she loves and cares for our residents…including my sweet Mom.  Maybe her why will motivate you on how you will answer the question: “What is your WHY?”

As you do your New Year resolutions and goals, maybe now is a time to also do a career checkup.  And consider a career where you will be rewarded not just with a paycheck and career growth opportunities but also be appreciated for caring for others, who will show you daily how much you mean to them.

I invite you to check out American Senior Communities!  Now is an exciting time to join ASC! As the largest senior healthcare provider in Indiana, there are many choices and roles available as you look ahead at your career path.  We offer great incentives and new rewards such as quarterly bonuses, paid training, and various certification programs. If you are looking for your “why” you love your job, maybe ASC is the place to start. For any information about our organization, what we offer and how to join our team, please visit

And maybe next time we meet, you can tell me more about your WHY!

By Paula Diehl – Chief HR Officer

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