Valentine’s Day Love Stories From Our Residents

Today is Valentine’s Day! This is a wonderful time to let our friends, family, co-workers, and other special people in our lives know we care about them. By letting someone who you love and cherish know that you care and appreciate them, you are creating room for more love and compassion.

At ASC, it is our privilege to care for so many residents who have truly become an extension of our families. We are sincerely grateful to our residents for allowing us to get to know them on a personal level and listen to their stories about their lives, and great loves. This year, we are celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing a few of our residents’ love stories.

Ron and Myrna at Edgewater Woods

Ron and Myrna Crider celebrated their 56th anniversary with our team in November 2021. Our team members helped Ms. Myrna present the picture frame and heart to Ron for a gift. He brought our team lunch and cake to celebrate. Such a beautiful thing to see him when he comes to visit her!

Stephen and Carol at The Timbers of Jasper

Stephen and Carol Young met in Virginia when he was in the Air Force and have been married for 45 years. When asked what drew them to each other at first, Carol said, “He was so attentive to me” and Stephen said, “She laughed at all my jokes.”

Connie and Kenny at The Timbers of Jasper

Connie and Kenny Bolin have been married for almost 30 years! Connie said they had known each other for most of their lives and he would always sing “Have I told you lately that I love you.”

Betty and Chuck at Clinton Gardens

Betty and Chuck Brewer were married in 1955, over 65 years! They have 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Betty and Chuck enjoy spending time with friends and family and watching all the BIG10 ball games they can.

They have always had a garden and were always busy in the yard with beautiful flowers. You could catch them out on the porch swing visiting often. Betty made the best noodles and helped at Salem United Methodist Church.

While Chuck and Betty are the grandparents of our Executive Director’s husband, they have become family to the entire Clinton Gardens community, and they love having the added family members.

It was a tough decision to seek long-term care, but Chuck and Betty feel safe at Clinton Gardens and are appreciative of all the CARE they receive. They enjoy craft and music activities, attend our daily exercises, and visit with other residents. Anytime you see one of them, the other is shortly behind.

Chuck offers these words of wisdom, “Keep on keepin’ on,” and Betty says, “Just be you.”

Jane and Jack at Countryside Meadows

This is Jane and Jack Robbins. They have been married for 50 years! Jack said, “My secret to a happy marriage is to always make sure Jane is happy, ’cause if she ain’t happy, no one is happy.” Jack’s advice is, “Never look back, always look forward.”

Norm and Pat at Allisonville Meadows Assisted Living

Norm and Pat Bryant have been married for 54 years! They met at the US Rubber Company and their favorite thing to do together is play dice.

Tom and Kathy at Rosegate Commons

Tom and Kathy Johnson celebrated their 70th anniversary last Friday! It was an honor to celebrate this milestone with them! Tom and Kathy received many congratulations from all our residents.

Don and Roseanne at Allisonville Meadows Assisted Living

Don and Roseanne Moffatt have been married for 69 years and have a very fun story of how they met. Don and Roseanne went on a double date in their hometown of Chicago — but not with each other! They both attended the date with other people, but hit it off really well and eventually started dating shortly after. The rest is history! Together they have 3 children, many grandchildren, and even some great-grandchildren.

Ruby and Harold at Allisonville Meadows

Ruby and Harold Abney met 66 years ago working at the Evansville State Hospital. Ruby was a Dental assistant and Harold worked in Admissions. After only 2 weeks of knowing each other, Ruby and Harold knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together!

This July they will celebrate 67 years of marriage! Harold’s advice is, “The key to a successful marriage is to communicate. If you don’t communicate you have nothing.”

Happy Valentine’s Day from our ASC family to yours!

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