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Veteran benefits

At American Senior Communities, we truly appreciate the sacrifices made by our military veterans and their families; in fact, many of our residents are veterans.  In our assisted living communities, we proudly accept VA Aid and Attendance and are pleased to share more information about this benefit.

Aid and Attendance Benefit Qualifications

Anyone who currently qualifies for a military pension may also be able to receive the Aid and Attendance Benefit. This means you must have been on active duty for at least 90 days during wartime and you must have received an honorable discharge. Single surviving spouses of qualifying veterans can also receive a pension. If you are younger than 65, you must be totally disabled; if older than 65 you automatically qualify and there is no disability requirement for surviving spouses. In addition, your household income (adjusted for unreimbursed medical expenses) cannot exceed the maximum allowable pension rate.

Many veterans and their surviving spouses already receive a military pension to reward them for their years of service and help them cover their living expenses. If you’re currently receiving a pension from the U.S. military and you require the assistance of another person to perform daily activities like bathing and getting dressed, you may also be able to get extra pension money depending on your income level to help cover care in an assisted living community.

Who to Contact about the Aid and Attendance Benefit

If you think you may qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit and are interested in assisted living, American Senior Communities has specialists who can assist you through the application process. Additionally, you can apply by contacting your state’s Pension Management Center or by visiting your local benefit office. They will be able to determine your eligibility and provide you with additional steps that may be needed to qualify. For more information visit

To all those who have served, American Senior Communities would like to sincerely thank you. To find an ASC Assisted Living location near you, visit us at

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