Assisted Living Decision Guide

How to Know When Choosing Assisted Living is the Best Option

Seniors today have more living options than ever before, and this can make it difficult to know exactly what type of residence will best meet their needs now and in the future. It’s important to identify what your current health status is, or what your fears may be going forward, to make a proper decision about where you should live.

Some of the signs that you would benefit from an include:

  • Declining Health: Are you suffering from chronic illnesses? Are you having a difficult time managing medications? Are your loved ones overwhelmed and unqualified to provide the proper care you need?
  • Mobility Issues: Do you have a hard time moving around your current home? Are you unable to climb stairs or get in and out of bed on your own?
  • Safety Concerns: Have you accidentally left the stove on a few times? Are you worried about falling down or hurting yourself and not being able to contact help?
  • Housekeeping Troubles: Are the dishes piling up in the sink? Do you no longer have the energy to vacuum and dust? Are you unable to do laundry due to the location of the washer and dryer?
  • Social Isolation: Are you spending large amounts of time all alone in your home? Are you no longer able to drive yourself to appointments or social engagements?

If you answered “yes” to a majority of these questions, it may be time to consider making the move to an assisted living community.

Assisted Living Services

One of the main benefits of assisted living services is all the amenities residents enjoy daily. Most assisted living communities provide help with housekeeping tasks, meal services, planned social activities and transportation to appointments or local events, just to name a few!

Assisted Living for Seniors Improves Quality of Life

Moving to assisted living will improve your overall quality of life. Not only will you feel comfortable and at home, but your loved ones will also be given the peace of mind that your safety and health are a top priority.

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