Best Exercises for Seniors

Why Take Part in Senior Fitness Programs?

No matter what your age or current physical condition might be, incorporating exercise into your daily routine is vital to improve your overall quality of life. Exercise helps you feel more energetic, lessens your pain symptoms, decreases the risk of a debilitating fall and can even improve your mood and mental capacity!

Taking part in a senior fitness program like American Senior Communities’ New Energy Wellness promotes active senior living to help improve your current fitness level. A Health Promotion Coordinator, specifically trained in Health and Fitness, will work directly with you and your physician to develop a customized workout to meet your individual needs.

Safe Exercises for Seniors

There are plenty of safe exercises for seniors to take part in to start feeling and living better. Start slowly, and gradually add more time to your workout. You’ll be amazed at how much your health starts to improve!

Here are just a few of the best exercises for seniors:

Balance Exercises

Balance exercises for seniors are especially important, as improving your balance can help reduce your risk of falling. Falls are the number one cause of fatal and nonfatal accidents in adults ages 65 and older and can most often lead to injuries like a broken hip. Balance exercises like the heel-to-toe walk, leg raises, and standing on one foot are all activities that can easily be done daily in the comfort of your own home.

Strength Training Exercises

Even a small change in your muscle mass can make a noticeable difference in your overall strength, plus you’ll find it easier to do things like climb the stairs or get in and out of your favorite chair. Strength training involves controlled, steady movements repeated a certain amount of times while maintaining optimal form, using weights, resistance bands, or adjustable cable machines. Work different muscle groups each day and wait 48 hours in between workouts of each muscle group. You can start off with lighter weights or less repetitions and work your way up to avoid injury. However, make sure you are challenging yourself to get the best results!


Yoga for seniors can offer numerous benefits to the mind, body and soul. You’ll find strengthened bones, enhanced flexibility and mobility, improve your sleeping habits and even reduce the stress you feel. Find a class that’s specifically for older adults, as the instructors will be better versed in the yoga techniques most beneficial for seniors.


Swimming is also an ideal exercise for seniors, mainly because it is low impact and presents little risk of injury. Plus, water exercises work all the muscles in the body! It’s a complete workout for seniors that can improve heart health, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, improve muscle strength and tone, and best of all, it’s easy on the joints. Basic swimming, water aerobics, water resistance exercises, and water relaxation exercises are all great ways for seniors to get in shape in the water.

Exercises for Arthritis Sufferers

If you have arthritis, you might think that any type of physical activity is out for you. But this is simply not true! In fact, there are many exercises seniors with arthritis can partake in which can actually alleviate some of your pain. Swimming, walking, yoga, strength training, and even golfing all are activities seniors with arthritis can enjoy.

Remember, it’s never too late to start exercising! Talk to your doctor and get moving- literally- on a routine that can help improve your life. Inactivity is far more dangerous to seniors than taking part in a senior fitness program, as being sedentary can lead to poor balance, weak muscles and low energy levels.

To find an American Senior Communities location offering the New Energy Wellness Program, please click here.

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