CARE Companions

At American Senior Communities, we believe that caring for others means personally knowing and valuing each individual as a person. We believe that each customer deserves to be known, recognized, understood and cared for as much emotionally as they do physically.

A Companion is someone who accompanies our residents on a journey. Someone they know who shares their burdens and joys.

A Companion is dedicated to:



Relationships and providing

Excellence in the care of our customers.

This is our Culture of CARE.

ASC team members pledge their commitment to caring for their residents, their families and for their teammates with kindness and respect. Our CARE Companion Commitment can be found here.

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Marilyn Ruppert & Keefer Kieffer

At Summit City Nursing and Rehabilitation, a special connection has blossomed between resident Marilyn Ruppert and Activity Director Keefer Kieffer. The bond between Marilyn and Keefer quickly formed over their shared passion for cats, allowing them to exchange heartwarming stories and experiences. Recognizing the importance of companionship and meaningful interactions, Keefer never misses a daily visit with Marilyn. Their connection is a perfect example of the compassionate care and personalized attention found among Care Companions at Summit City.

Dorothy Moore & Doris Springfield

MDS Coordinator Doris Springfield and Community Nursing & Rehabilitation resident Dorothy Moore connected when Dorothy was admiring Doris' hair and lipstick and called her over to get a better look! They both have a shared experience in having a mother who told them that a young lady should always wear lipstick. They even grew up in the same town of Clarksdale, Mississippi! Dorthy's brother, James Johnson, was on ESPN, and Doris enjoyed watching some footage of him with Dorothy one day.

Barney (Butch) Mora & Linda Hidy

Barney Mora, also known as "Butch," has been a resident of Canterbury Nursing & Rehabilitation since 2021. Fellow resident Linda Hidy came to Canterbury in April of 2023, and she and Butch have been best friends from day one! You can always find them sharing a meal together or participating in activities. Where you find one, you always find the other! Butch has truly offered a warm welcome to Linda in her first year at Canterbury.

Sally & Pegie

Pegie and Sally have been together for several years as Care Companions and friends. They are both nurses and Pegie loves to listen as Sally recounts stories of her nursing career and moving throughout the country for her husband’s military career. They are both lovers of the outdoors and they enjoy getting outside together as often as they can.

DeeDee Morgan & Flossie Borders


Meet DeeDee Morgan, Actvities Director, and Lake Pointe Village resident, Flossie Borders.

Flossie and DeeDee are more like family members than friends. They’ve been important to each other for several years, and DeeDee has been a helpful guide to Flossie on her journey through senior healthcare.

They first met through Flossie’s son, who is also a resident at Lake Pointe Village. Flossie had been trying to set up a date to visit her son and DeeDee assisted in getting everything set up. Though their relationship first bloomed through casual conversation, it quickly developed into more as the two found they had many similarities.

They both love nature and enjoy discussing the butterflies that come to visit in the spring, they value their families above all else and both share religious beliefs. It wasn’t long before they set up a schedule to meet and have hot chocolate every morning. No matter how busy their lives get, they always make sure to set aside some time for one another.

Alexus Corniuk & Peggy Jenkins

Alexus Corniuk & Peggy Jenkins


Meet Alexus Corniuk, Cook, and Coventry Meadows resident, Peggy Jenkins.

Peggy Jenkins has always enjoyed keeping busy. Prior to moving to Coventry Meadows, she loved being a mother, she loved working at GTE as a secretary and she loved gardening in her spare time. In fact, it was her last love that helped her form a bond with Alexus Corniuk, a cook, just a short while later.

They first met after a meal Alexus had helped prepare, striking up small talk while Alexus was cleaning. The topic naturally drifted to gardening, which turned out to be a shared love between the two. It didn’t take long for them to start spending their time in the courtyard together, watering the garden and trimming the plants. One day Alexus had a big surprise for Peggy. She had decided the two of them could spend the afternoon eating a delicious meal at Conner’s Kitchen before taking a stroll through the beautiful Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens. Peggy immediately agreed to go on this wonderful adventure with Alexus, and they departed soon after.

They both had a delightful time, and Peggy is happy to tell anyone what a wonderful time she had. It remains one of their favorite shared moments.

Lanny Ferguson & Rob Regula

Meet Lanny Ferguson, bus driver, and Rob Regula, Danville Regional Rehabilitation long term care resident. Their friendship brewed over a cup of coffee! One morning between appointments, Lanny invited Rob to have a cup of coffee with him and Rob accepted. Lanny says, “Rob was a hard shell to crack, but he has a great demeanor and we relate to each other very well.” Lanny often arrives to work a little early so he and Rob can enjoy their coffee connection. They like to talk about the Cubs, Notre Dame sports and the Indianapolis Colts. When Lanny sings and plays the guitar for the residents, Rob will often join in on occasion to sing along. They support each other in myriad ways, including spiritually; they consider their friendship to be a real blessing. Not a day goes by without making each other’s day a little better, praying together and trying new coffee flavors. Rob says, “Lanny is a real role model for me. Just like an older brother, he fills a gap in my life that has been vacant for a long time.” All it took was a simple cup of coffee for these two to form a forever friendship.

Carrie Justus & Bud Blaschke

Carrie Justus & Bud Blaschke

Meet Carrie Justus, Social Services Assistant, and Meadow Lakes resident, Bud Blaschke.

Bud is a longtime resident of Meadow Lakes, but Carrie and Bud first met when his son was admitted to Meadow Lakes in 2010. She was assigned as his son’s primary CNA. It wasn’t long before Carrie, Bud and Bud’s wife, Jo, started to develop a deep connection during Jo’s daily visits. When the time came for Bud to transition to Long-Term Care from the his Garden Home, Carrie became his primary CNA as well. As Carrie grew in her career and moved from one position to another, she has always made Bud and his needs her priority. By visiting him daily and checking in on him, their connection has just gotten stronger over time.

The two like to share stories of their families and even have the same hobbies, including their love of fishing and being outdoors. In fact, the two have grown so close that Bud’s great-grandson is now best friends with Carrie’s son!

This is a true definition of CARE Companions at work!

Suzie King & Carolyn Harris

Suzie King & Carolyn Harris


Suzie King, RN MDS Coordinator, and Bethany Village Resident Carolyn Harris have been friends since Suzie arrived at Bethany Village in 2016. Carolyn has been in various neighborhoods throughout the community and has always requested that Suzie be her CARE Companion.

Suzie visits Carolyn on a daily basis and if she’s not providing lunch for Carolyn, she’s filling her candy bowl or making trips to Dollar General to get Carolyn the items she’s requesting. These two Virgos bond over their natural caregiving abilities while being very independent and humble! These characteristics are certainly portrayed during their daily morning chats. Suzie is Carolyn’s “go to gal” for all things Bethany Village – supplies, medical advice, snacks – you name it.

These two add lots of flavor and spice to the Village and we enjoy hearing all about their daily connection!

Kristy Denton & Perry Shaver

Meet Kristy Denton, Executive Director, and Cypress Grove resident, Perry Shaver.

Kristy and Perry have a very special bond. Perry was the Resident Council President and often collaborated with Kristy to enhance the life of other residents at Cypress Grove while he held that role. Each day, they make sure to check in with one another and spend time together.

They are both each other’s biggest cheerleader. Recently, Kristy competed in the 24 hour National Championship Endurance Run in Cleveland, OH. Perry made sure to wish her good luck before her big event and was waiting at the door for her to congratulate her on being named the Female National Champion. Supporting each other does not stop at big events like the National Championship. Kristy is always waiting to cheer for Perry through his rehabilitation and they both help each other grow as individuals.

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