CARE Companions

At American Senior Communities, we believe that caring for others means personally knowing and valuing each individual as a person. We believe that each customer deserves to be known, recognized, understood and cared for as much emotionally as they do physically.

A Companion is someone who accompanies our residents on a journey. Someone they know who shares their burdens and joys.

A Companion is dedicated to:



Relationships and providing

Excellence in the care of our customers.

This is our Culture of CARE.

ASC team members pledge their commitment to caring for their residents, their families and for their teammates with kindness and respect. Our CARE Companion Commitment can be found here.

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Sarah Harmon & Betty Posey


Meet Sarah Harman, Registered Dietitian and Riverwalk Village resident, Betty Posey.

When Betty Posey was admitted to Riverwalk Village after an unfortunate stroke, Sarah Harman had a close eye on her. Team members noticed that Betty never really ate much of her meals. With the stroke effecting her ability to clearly speak, Betty could not find ways to share that she was a vegetarian. Sarah made a connection with Betty and immediately identified this issue. Sarah shared with Betty how she was a vegetarian too and that they would work together to find the best foods that Betty would want to eat.

As Sarah and Betty connected more and more each day, Sarah began to be the only one who could understand Betty’s limited communication ability that was caused by her stroke. When team members need anything from Betty, they often go to Sarah to be the “translator.” As this companionship grew, Sarah found out that Betty loved to travel, as she traveled often with her husband who was in the military. Each Friday at Riverwalk is movie day and Betty always gets an extra bag of popcorn to share with Sarah. Betty has improved her communication abilities and now eats well thanks to the great companionship developed between her and Sarah.

Gina Lash & Patricia Williams


Meet Gina Lash, Activities Director, and Bethany Village resident, Patricia Williams.

One day, Patricia went into Gina’s office and noticed she was watching Pastor Sullivan’s live stream of his sermon from the day before. Patricia asked if she could watch it with her and since then, every Monday they watch “The Preacher Man” together. Gina said, “Ms. Patricia is the sweetest lady. She makes me smile when she greets me each morning.” Gina has learned that Ms. Patricia attended IUPUI to become a paralegal and then worked for the IRS for many years. Patricia has taught Gina a lot about different types of herbal teas to help cleanse and detox her body. Gina has followed her regimen for almost a year now and says she feel so much better! “Ms. Patricia is like the grandmother I never had,” Gina said

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