The Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors

gifts for seniors

The holidays offer a time for us to show our aging loved ones just how much we care about them. Finding that perfect gift can sometimes feel like quite a chore; after all, as we age, our needs change, and what was the perfect gift for someone twenty years ago may certainly no longer apply. If your loved one is residing in an assisted living community or skilled nursing facility, the gift giving might be all the more difficult. Your loved one no longer needs or has the space for decorative knick-knacks and more frivolous items.

The Best Gifts for Seniors

Keep in mind that practical gifts are the way to go when looking for gifts for seniors, especially those no longer residing in their homes. Here’s a holiday gift guide you can use to finish up your shopping for that special aging loved one in your life:

  • Give the gift of your time. While your time costs nothing at all, it’s a precious gift for a senior. Stop by to visit and help them put up decorations to make their living space feel homey. Sit and talk about holidays from the past, or take them out to a restaurant for a nice meal.
  • Classic movie/television show/music kit. Put together a gift basket of your loved one’s favorite movies or TV shows on DVD. Or, compile a favorite song list on an MP3 player and get a small speaker or headphones so they can enjoy some classics they haven’t heard in a long time.
  • Activity kits for the memory. Games like puzzles and activity books can help those with memory decline and keep them engaged mentally, plus they are fun!
  • Comfortable, cold weather clothes and sleepwear. Here in Indiana, it gets chilly this time of year, and will be for the next several months to come! A comfy robe, snuggly pajamas, and slipper socks with non-skid bottoms are perfect to keep aging loved ones cozy all winter long.
  • Favorite homemade treats. Who doesn’t love all the delicious, homemade goodies available this time of year? If your loved one has a favorite treat in particular, be sure to drop off a stash they can share with others in the assisted living community.
  • A digital picture frame. Digital picture frames offer an easy way to bring back memories or keep our loved ones close. Some digital frames even come with an option to include a recorded message your loved one can replay.
  • Pictures or crafts from the grandchildren. Have the kids craft one of a kind gifts for their grandparents, whether they color or draw a picture, write a poem or note, or do a crafty project, like a holiday ornament. Grandparents love these types of personalized, homemade gifts!
  • Large type books or books on tape. Books with larger print are perfect for those avid readers, who perhaps have put their favorite hobby aside since they can no longer see small type very well. Or, books on tape are a great idea, too!
  • Everyday items. Don’t overlook the fact that your loved one would probably appreciate some smaller, everyday items. Things like quality tissues, lip balm, hand lotion, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, hairbrushes, household tools, etc. would come in handy and be more useful to them than, say, a vase of flowers.

What are some of the best gifts for aging loved ones you’ve given? Check out our blog post from last year for even more holiday gift ideas for seniors!

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